This Week's Free Live Music

June 18, 2013

This Week's Free Live Music

Reason #67 of why Truckee is the greatest place in the world: the abundance of live music. For being the little town that it is, a few days never go by without some show to see.

The second week of Truckee Thursdays brings Afrolicious to town.  A Bay Area group composed of two brothers and their band, Afrolicious specializes in party music and is sure to have the streets of Truckee dancing.

Afrolicious keeps the party alive.

Several artists visit Moody’s Bistro Bar & Beats this week as well. Thursday features Jenni Charles & Jesse Dunn, a folk and good-timey duo hailing from the popular band Dead Winter Carpenters. Come Friday and Saturday, Amy Lavere takes claim of the Moody’s stage. A singer, songwriter, and actress, Amy blends country, gypsy, jazz, and southern soul genres of music. 

Looking to get un-plugged? “Acoustic Thursdays” is your spot. This Thursday, Cottonwood welcomes Paul Covarelli to the stage, complimenting all night happy hour specials. Check back on Friday for some classic folk covers and great originals from Norm Follet. 

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