USSA SuperTour Coming to Tahoe Donner: It's a pretty big deal (and not just for old men and hot moms)

March 27, 2013

USSA SuperTour Coming to Tahoe Donner: It's a pretty big deal (and not just for old men and hot moms)

Kikkan Randall, the first U.S. woman to win a cross country World Cup title, will compete in the SuperTour finals this April. Yep, she's hot and will be hanging out at Tahoe Donner. Photo courtesy USST/Reese Brown.

Ok, so I’ll admit I’ve always been a little skeptical about cross-country skiing. My dad strapped on my first pair of alpine skis and pushed me down a hill at the long-defunct Powder Bowl ski hill in Alpine Meadows when I was just 2 years old. I raced through high school and always maintained the same attitude about Nordic skiers as I had about marathoners – great athletes, but why would anyone want to actually do that?

Then when the skate skiing craze came around I eschewed it, viewing it as a sport for retirees and lucky housewives with nothing better to do while their kids are at school (my husband and his friends joke that the Tahoe Donner XC center is a great place to ogle hot moms). I always snickered when said husband donned the Nordic equivalent of spandex and stumbled out the door pre-dawn to “get a skate in” before work, content to snuggle down in my warm bed for another hour of sleep (well, ok, I still do that).

But then a couple weeks ago I went skate skiing for the first time, and damn if it wasn’t actually kinda fun. That same afternoon up at the TDXC center I learned about the pretty amazing new center that is to be built over the next couple years (you can read more about that here), and it got me thinking that maybe there is something to all this skinny ski stuff that I’ve been missing out on.

Which brings me to my point. Tahoe Donner is set to host the USSA SuperTour finals April 4 – 11, and it’s a pretty big deal. In case you aren’t an avid Nordic skiing follower, the SuperTour finals and distance national championships are the premier cross-country ski races in the US, held each spring so that top American and Canadian skiers can return from the international World Cup to compete with 200+ of our nation’s best domestic skiers. And they are all coming to Truckee in April to compete in events held at Tahoe Donner, Sugar Bowl, and the Auburn Ski Club. Rumor has it, too, that we’ll see lots of national media coverage as these athletes contend for Olympic and National Team spots.

Not only will there be great opportunities to cheer on the racers, Tahoe Donner is hosting a whole slew of cool events, from chances to meet the athletes and ski with the pros to clinics on how to improve your own skiing skills, sports fitness and nutrition, and some designed specifically for women and young athletes. You can check out the whole schedule here.

So, yeah, maybe I still wonder why anyone would choose to struggle up a hill on their own when there are these amazing inventions called ski lifts, but hey, I’m starting think Nordic skiers might just be on to something. And props to Tahoe Donner for bringing such a prestigious event to our town. Go check it out, I promise you don’t have to get up pre-dawn. And if nothing else, I guarantee there will be plenty of hot moms milling about.

The gorgeous new Tahoe Donner Cross Country Center, designed by Dale Cox & Associates.