Truckee Thursdays: Roxxy's Star Cosmetics

July 10, 2014

Truckee Thursdays: Roxxy's Star Cosmetics

by Stacey A.

Roxxy McQueen has been making all-natural, mostly vegan cosmetics like lotion, face wash, lip balm, and soap by hand in her Sparks home for seven years. Her business, Roxxy's Star Cosmetics has been at Truckee Thursdays for two years now. Being a natural foods enthusiast and into "hippie" beauty products, I was instantly drawn to her booth at Truckee Thursday.  

"It's really what I was meant to do," she tells me as she hands out samples from her vendor tent near the east end of Donner Pass Road. It's hard for me to believe from her gentle, down to earth exterior that she is originally from Hollywood, but within a few minutes of talking to her, her inner diva became undeniable. 

Asked about her business origins, she explained to me how she developed a nose for fragrance at nine years old when her aunt introduced her to fine french perfumes. As she got older, she found her way into the New Age scene, reading books on natural cosmetics and eventually developing her successful mix of beeswax rose water face cream on her very first try. She used to work as a massage therapist for celebrity clients, often creating skin treatments on the spot to complement deep tissue massages. 

Roxxy is a self identified "mix master," a workaholic who has turned her home into her office so that she can work 24/7, whenever inspiration strikes. Every week she has something different to offer. This week it's grapefruit soap. Next week it's blood orange. These aren't just scents to her; they're passions. 

"My brand is constantly transforming. It has many different personalities, just like me," she explains.

I asked her about her Etsy store, but she didn't seem very enthusiastic about it. She prefers to sell her products face-to-face. She saves the newest and best of her products for direct selling at events like Truckee Thursday. She told me she's fallen in love with the Truckee vibe in particular and would sell out of a snow cave all winter if she could. 

Assorted soaps: $8
Assorted Soaps: $8

A lot of her products, especially her soaps, remind me of Dr. Bronner's with natural scents like lavender, almond, tea tree, and rose. Like Bronner's, they are natural and gentle on the skin. She also uses an assortment of oils like safflower and coconut as well as herbs such as rosemary and thyme in her paraben-free concoctions. Roxxy's husband, a fair-skinned, redhead construction worker, is her spokesmodel for sensitive skin. She says if they work on his skin, they can work on anyone, from acne prone to eczema to dry skin. 

Before continuing making my rounds around Truckee Thursday, I asked her about the future. She said she was hoping for an investor at some point so that she could "go on tour like a rockstar." This made me smile. Then she insisted I put a second free soap in my purse...and a toner...and give her another hug. 

From personality to product, she is 100% real.

Three-part face wash kit: $50

Lip Balm: 3 for $10


Our intern, Stacey Alonzo, is an outdoor enthusiast, yoga instructor, aspiring journalist, Burner, and lover of food, drinks, live music, and travel.