Truckee Thursday Featured Artist: Earthly Treasures

July 24, 2014

Truckee Thursday Featured Artist: Earthly Treasures

by Stacey A. 

Twenty-four-year-old Lindsey Telling, owner and designer at Earthly Treasures, is passionate about jewelry making. Not only is this her first year at Truckee Thursdays, it's also her first craft show ever. For someone who just started selling jewelry two years ago, her business is already gaining momentum. 

There's an abundance of handmade jewelry at Truckee Thursdays, but Lindsey's products have a very distinctive look to them. Her pieces embody that "earthy" feel, using materials like arrowheads, turquoise, jade, leather, and gathering her inspiration from nature, Native American traditions, and Buddhist roots. 

Colorado born and raised, Lindsey feels very comfortable in the mountains. She moved to Lake Tahoe six years ago for college and graduated from Sierra Nevada College in 2012 with a business degree. She says her education helps her manage her own accounting and marketing. 

Even though she learned how to make jewelry in a high school class, she's been experimenting with it since she was thirteen years old. She remembers taking her mother's old jewelry apart and putting it back together in new ways. Lindsey was upcycling before upcycling was even a thing.

These days, Lindsey's process remains very similar. Her materials come almost exclusively from recycled and local sources with a focus on sustainability. She visits thrift stores and collects old jewelry from friends, takes the pieces apart, and then creatively combines and reassembles the items, giving them new life. This also involves turning outdated pieces into fashionable and on-trend items. 

In addition to Truckee Thursdays, Earthly Treasures can also be found at Urban Angels and The Bar Effect in Truckee and at Lakeview Threads, Well Being Spa, and Java Hut in Kings Beach. Lindsey actually got her business start at Java Hut two years ago when the owner, Chelsea, encouraged her to sell some of her first pieces there. 

Earthly Treasures on display at Java Hut

Jewelry-making is Lindsey's full-time job...well almost. She admits she still has to supplement her income from time to time dog-sitting and working at Mamasake. She is currently researching the festival and craft show circuit for potential fits. She is also working on a lookbook with the hope of bringing her business to Denver, Boulder, and her hometown of Vail. 

Someday, Lindsey hopes to open multiple jewelry stores in several cities, but until then you can browse her products on her website here.


Our intern, Stacey Alonzo, is an outdoor enthusiast, yoga instructor, aspiring journalist, Burner, and lover of food, drinks, live music, and travel.