Truckee Leather - Handmade and Local

July 22, 2013

Truckee Leather - Handmade and Local

Local Belt Company Gains Popularity

Looking for a little something extra in your belt game? Like supporting the awesome people of Truckee? Check out Craig Kimura and his belt company, Truckee Leather. 

I chatted with Craig last week, and he seemed a little shy of the word "company." 

"I am still learning the whole business process; it's just the beginning stages," Craig explained. "I'm just trying to put out a good product. It has my family crest on it, so I want it to be pretty descent." 

While he may be a rookie entrepreneur, Craig’s belts are definitely gaining popularity.

Craig's goal in life was never to make belts, but his craze for a certain style and inability to find it forced him to take matters into his own hands. He grew up under his grandfathers influence of leather belts: classic, sturdy, and dependable. He found a couple quality straps here and there while thrifting, but nothing that could satisfy his fix.  Craig knew what he had to do.

It wasn't until after he started sporting his handmade leather belts that Truckee Leather was born. The motivation to turn it into something came from the instant attention his work got. 

"It blows me away how many people are interested in it. JJ from Moody's was one of the first, and it spiraled from there. My friends bought the domain name for me while eating a pizza at Best Pies, and that night another friend made me a website."

The support Craig gets not only comes from the quality of his product, but from the person he is. In my opinion, Craig is the epitome of what this town is about. He moved here for snowboarding, and for the last 20 years, he's pursued everything this place has to offer. Like a true hobbiest, he chose a career working night shifts so he can live a life of adventure during the day.

"I just try and do as much stuff as I can before I have to go to work each day." 

As a fellow mountain man, I can relate. Craig, myself, and many other people in this town all dream of scratching work from the schedule and playing for the rest of our lives; we just have to figure out a way to make it possible. Support the Truckee way of life by checking out Truckee Leather.

Pat L. for The Insider