There's a New Blog in Town

January 9, 2013

There's a New Blog in Town

Hey, guess what, I started a blog. Kinda like when you have your first baby – no one has ever done that before, right?

Ok, but has anyone actually started a blog dedicated to all the fun goings on here in Truckee? And not one that predicts the weather with freaky godlike accuracy or one that reports the scary stunts of local bro-bras or one that details insanely expensive Tahoe weddings through ridiculously beautiful photography. (And yes, I love and read those three religiously: The Tahoe Daily Snow, Unofficial Networks, and Tahoe Unveiled.) And certainly there are blogs about Tahoe and real estate and ski conditions. But is there a blog strictly about the people, the small businesses and non-profits, the events, and, well, the gossip that makes this town so special?

So why did I decide to start this blog? Simply, I love everything about Truckee. I love living here, I love playing here, I love owning a business here, and I love raising my son here. But most of all I love the truly incredible people who live (and visit) here. It’s the people that make this community so amazing, and it is to you, the people of Truckee, that I dedicate this blog.

This site is a work in progress, with more content and features coming soon, but for now, thanks for reading!