Sneak Peek: Everything Hunky Dory

January 23, 2013

Sneak Peek: Everything Hunky Dory

A New DIY Craft Store Opening Soon at Squaw

We love Lauren Hickey and Elsa Corrigan. Between the two of them, they’ve always got some sort of fun, new project in the works. A few summers ago, Elsa (who owns Mamasake) hired SmallPond (what I do when not writing Insider posts) to create the artwork for her new food truck. That sort of project is a graphic designer’s wet dream.

And most recently, Lauren asked us to design the logo, website, and other graphics for her new business venture, Everything Hunky Dory, a small DIY crafts store in the Village at Squaw. Set to open in early to mid-February, the store will initially feature make-your-own candles and buttons, with a retail section that carries DIY crafts and kits.

Shannon modeling the candles and pins you'll be able to make.

There’s a lot of talk about “blinging yourself” when Lauren explains the store’s focus. Ultimately, it will be a place to express your individuality through custom, wearable crafts. And don’t just think of it as somewhere to take your seven year-old niece the next time she visits. The store will offer projects for hipsters, youngsters, crafters, grandmas, bro-brahs, and unicorn lovers alike.

We’ll keep you posted as the store gets closer to opening, or find updates on Lauren’s own blog, TahoePOV. As Lauren would say, have a hunky dory day!

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