Remember Daytona Beach 1995? Yeah, Me Neither.

January 16, 2013

Remember Daytona Beach 1995? Yeah, Me Neither.

I don’t remember what I wore in the 1990s for Spring Break. Actually, it’s more likely I have blocked it out. Flannels over bikinis? Big Johnson tank tops and neon board shorts?

Hope it comes back to me soon. Squaw Prom is just around the corner, meaning it's time to break out the cut-off jeans and Zinka.

Benefitting High Fives and CHARITYSMITH, the 9th annual event promises a night filled with hella cool DJs, a GoPro video booth, a bigtruck Headwear “Sew on Site," an Image Factory photo booth, and a costume contest for the most radical 1990’s spring break attire.

And it's pretty much a requirement that you dress up. People will look at you funny if you don't.

So gather up your date and reserve your corsage, because it's twice as expensive to go stag. And half as fun.

Then get online and buy your tickets here.

And if you have any outfit suggestions, send them my way. In the meantime, I'll go look up some old MTV Spring Break clips with Pauly Shore.

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