A New Restaurant Downtown: JStones Whitehouse Revives a Truckee Landmark

February 11, 2013

A New Restaurant Downtown: JStones Whitehouse Revives a Truckee Landmark

The beautifully remodeled "front porch" dining area. Look at the gorgeous floors! ©Nicholas Rab

The formal dining room. How romantic does that corner look? ©Nicholas Rab

Croissant breakfast sandwich. Notice the bloody Mary in background? Yum.

The bar. As beautiful as ever.

Florentine Benedict - totally delicious!

If I were a ghost, I'd hand out here too.

Do you remember Trio in the Kruger C.B. White House? If so, I'll bet you miss it as much as I do. And, no, not just because it was three doors down from my old office. Mostly because it was such a unique place to have a glass of wine after work, cram into the bar on Thursday nights, or hang out when DJs played in the parlor. After a few drinks, we also liked to sneak upstairs and look for the ghosts that my bartender friends swore lurked around the building, turning on and off lights and faucets.

Needless to say, the White House has been an awesome piece of Truckee history (even before it was Trio; apparently it was built in 1873), and it was sad to see it sit unoccupied for the past several years.

But no longer! New ownership has taken over and revamped the restaurant into an absolutely gorgeous space. Most noticeably, the outer enclosed “porch” area at the front of the building now gleams with beautiful white marble tile, and the stairway shimmers in the most amazing metallic wallpaper. There is a private dining room upstairs that we tried to take a look at, but we were told it’s only available for viewing by appointment.

Yesterday we cozied up in a bright, warm corner of the porch, the perfect spot for our Sunday brunch. Starting with spicy and delicious Bloody Marys, I ordered the Benedict Florentine while my husband ordered the croissant breakfast sandwich. The benedict was excellent. I didn’t try the breakfast sandwich, but I was told it was very good. There’s lots of other yummy stuff on the brunch menu I’d like to try, including beignets and brioche-stuffed French toast.

We took a peek at the dinner menu as well, and while I hate to admit that I am most intrigued by the white truffle mac and cheese, dinner looks equally tasty. I’ll let you know when we check it out. Other exciting news is that the back patio will open this summer as a dog-friendly dining spot.

While I do miss spending my Thursday nights bellied up to the Trio bar as Steph poured me glasses of pinot, I am happy to say I might just have a new favorite brunch spot in town. Oh, and I did ask about the ghosts. They are apparently as active as ever – one was even spotted sitting in the dining room last weekend.

According to their website, the restaurant is open Monday through Saturday for dinner and on Sunday for brunch from 10am – 3pm.

JStones Whitehouse, 10292 Donner Pass Road, (530) 582-5746

All photos are copyright of my fabulously talented husband, Nicholas Rab. Please request permission prior to using.

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Katie Shaffer | February 23, 2013
I'm glad to see that this iconic Truckee home has new owners who are putting their own touch on the place and that we can enjoy the spaces and good food & drink served there again. My husband John and I were married here in 1986 when it was called simply the C.B. White House. We had a string quartet playing out on that front glassed-in porch! We both share a passion and love for its architectural lines, and I gobble up the ghost stories! After reading this review I've just decided that we'll definitely be raising a toast and enjoying a meal there on our anniversary this year!
Tahoe Unveiled | February 14, 2013
Great to hear this beautiful building is in use! Thanks for all the highlights!