New HSTT Shelter Update

June 21, 2013

New HSTT Shelter Update

By Pat L. for The Insider

Did you know a new $6.8 million animal shelter is being built in Truckee as we speak? Yep, and it is going to be amazing! Yesterday, I was lucky enough to go on a hardhat tour for the new shelter, and it was definitely the highlight of my week.

Having been to the current animal shelter a couple times, my first impression of the new building is that it’s an entirely different world. The old shelter served its purpose. It kept a roof over the heads of the homeless pets of Truckee. But this town is capable of much more than just serving a purpose. The organization has raised close to $3 million, in partnership with the Town of Truckee, which donated 2.5 acres of land and half of the start-up costs, an additional $3.4 million. While enough money has been raised to start construction, HSTT still needs to raise a final half million.

The new shelter will be much less scary for the pets as well. Most of the holding areas for the adoptable dogs have indoor-outdoor access and spots to mingle. Cats that get along with other cats will be able to cuddle and climb around in the same cages, but there will be plenty of single cages for aggressive cats as well. The facility can hold up to 100 cats, but that’s way too many, so don’t let that happen!

The new shelter also has an onsite spay and neuter clinic. HSTT will offer discounted services to low-income, not to compete with local vets but to prevent unwanted litters and future homeless pets. A vet will be available at the shelter at least two days per week, and a vet tech will be available 40 hours a week.

At the current shelter, adoption day is Saturday from 12pm-3pm; the new shelter will be open 40 hours a week for adoptions! HSTT predicts that after just one year, adoptions will increase by 54%.

When I was driving to the tour, I had no idea I would be leaving with such a huge smile. Just thinking about an animal shelter makes me sad, but this shelter doesn’t come with a lingering, dark stigma. It is bright, beautiful, and inviting, just like the HSTT volunteers and staff. The excitement is palpable. Sign up for a tour today and experience it for yourself.