Legacy Trail Extension to Glenshire Close to Becoming a Reality

March 29, 2013

Legacy Trail Extension to Glenshire Close to Becoming a Reality

Construction Could Start Late this Summer, Completed 2014

7/26/13 Update: Truckee Town Council approved funds needed to complete the trail to Glenshire. Construction is scheduled to begin in August.

The long-awaited trail connecting Glenshire to downtown Truckee may soon become a reality according to Truckee Mayor Pro Tem, Patrick Flora. Known officially as Truckee River Legacy Trail Phase 3B, the final segment of the Truckee Trails and Bikeways Master Plan that connects downtown to Glenshire is just a few more bureaucratic steps away from starting construction this summer.

The Town received a $2.9 million grant late last year and has reduced their current grant request from the State to $400k, which Town staff is optimistic will be received. According to Flora, Truckee Town Council still needs to vote on using the $1 million dollars of Truckee Special Services Area (TSSA) funds for trail completion that the Glenshire/Devonshire board has already voted to support. Additionally, Town staff is working on finalizing the few remaining issues with the various agencies involved, but barring any major issues, construction could begin late this summer and be completed next year.

When complete, the trail will connect Phase 3A (the existing segment from the Riverview Sports park to an overlook to an historic site just west of the TTSA plant) to the Glenshire Subdivision. Over 2 miles of trail will travel from the existing Phase 3A trail, between the Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Truckee River, across Martis Creek, up the talus slope, along an existing utility access road, to Glenshire Drive. The trail travels south of the Truckee River through property owned by the USFS, Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency, and Town of Truckee.

Ultimately, the Truckee River Legacy Trail will connect Donner Memorial State Park to the Glenshire neighborhood, with the majority of the route paralleling the Truckee River.

If you are interested in learning more about this or other local issues, Flora is hosting an open public round table next Thursday, April 4, from 5:30 – 7:00pm at 10115 South River Street, Truckee.