Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

February 8, 2013

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

(That you can get right here in Downtown Truckee!)

“Will Cook For Sex: A Guy’s Guide to Cooking” by Rocky Fino. Available at The Cooking Gallery, $24.95

Yes, it's a Hallmark holiday. Yes, we shouldn't feel pressured to buy gifts as proof of our love. But as every man knows yet hates to admit, a little effort will pay off big on Valentine's Day. And just in case you need a little inspiration, my Valentine and I took a walk down Commercial Row to round up some ideas for ya. So suck up the $2 parking ticket and head downtown. At the very least, pop into Bespoke for the best selection of hand-printed cards in town, even if it's just for your mom.

Valentine's cards at Bespoke, 10130 Donner Pass Road.

1. Nox: Wrapt Wear 100% Egyptian Cotton Scarves

Nox, 10115 Donner Pass Road, (530) 563-8098,
Made in Egypt. For every scarf purchased, $10 is donated the Fistula Foundation, which performs life-saving lives on women in developing countries, $28

2. The Cooking Gallery: Candy Apple Red KitchenAid Mixer

Cooking Gallery, 10084 Donner Pass Road, (530) 587-8303,
Candy Apple Red KitchenAid mixer with classic glass bowl, $399.99

3. Lorien Powers: "Love" Necklaces

Lorien Powers Studio Jewelry, 10007 Bridge Street, (530) – 550-9610,
Sterling Silver, double-sided “Love” necklaces. Heart, $68. Tahoe, $54.

4. La Galleria: Red Velvet Hat

La Galleria, 10112 Donner Pass Road, (530) 587-5444,
Red velvet hat, $72

5. Mo Jo Zoe: Red Bauble Necklace

Mo Joe Zoe, 10076 Donner Pass Road, (530) 587.3495,
Bauble Necklace, $38.99

6. Specialty Beads: SilverSilk Love Knot DIY Bracelet Kit

Specialty Beads, 11782 Donner Pass Road, (530) 582-4464,
DIY kit with parts and instructions, $16. Finished bracelet, $26.

7. Sweets: 1lb Assorted Handmade Belgium Chocolates

Sweets Handmade Candies, 10118 Donner Pass Road, (530) 587-6556,
Pound of assorted handmade Belgium chocolates in a beautiful satin and velvet heart box, $36.95

8. Bespoke: Succulents and Air Plants

Bespoke, 10130 Donner Pass Road, (530) 582-5500,
Succulents and air plants make perfect gifts for both men and women, $28-78.

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