It's a Big Year for Truckee!

January 8, 2013

It's a Big Year for Truckee!

Did you know 2013 marks Truckee's 150th year as a community and 20th year as an incorporated town?

In honor of this commemorative year, we rounded up a few fun Truckee facts for you:

  • The Town covers nearly 34 square miles
  • The Town's elevation rises from 5,500 feet at its eastern boundary to 7,500 feet in its northwest corner
  • Truckee was named for a Paiute Indian chief whose name sounded like "Tro-kay" to early emigrants
  • Truckee was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010
  • Truckee burned down three times in 1871, and each time quickly rebuilt
  • Truckee's first brewery, the Boca Brewing Compay, was established in 1875 but burned down in 1893
  • 82 movies were shot here between 1910 and 1941
  • In 1915, the Lincoln Highway (later known as Highway 40) was built over Donner Summit
  • In 1964 Interstate 80 was opened; it took 5 years to build 10 miles of freeway over the summit

Thanks to the Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce for these facts. Read more at

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