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August 2, 2013

The Insider's Guide To...

Somewhat Local Festivals that Aren’t Burning Man

The Man burns in 29 days! But if, for whatever reason, you can’t make it to the Playa this year, here are four upcoming music festivals that might ease the pain of missing Burning Man. A little.

Symbiosis Gathering

The Symbiosis Gathering occurred last year on the weekend of the solar eclipse out on the shore of Pyramid Lake. The music was awesome, but the venue was a bit inhospitable to say the least. We were encouraged to bring picks and shovels to carve out our camp spots from the desert brush. There were rumors of rattlesnake bites and vigilantes on ATVs. And it was dirty. Really, really dirty. This time around, Symbiosis is on the weekend of the Autumnal Equinox and in a brand-new, lakeside location on the shores of Woodward Reservoir, near Oakdale, CA (3 hours from Truckee).

The website boasts “incredible lakeside location, swimming in crystal clear waters, sunrise/set views from lakeside dancefloors, mind-blowing art” and a pretty kick-ass music line up to boot.

When: September 19-23
Where: Oakdale, Ca - Woodward Reservoir
Tickets: $275 in advance. Purchase here.
Get all the info and updates HERE.

Fresh Bakin’s Depressurization Chamber at the GSR

For many burners, the Grand Sierra in Reno is their first stop off the Playa. A place to shower and rest before embarking on the long trip home back to reality. And what better spot to do that than in an air-conditioned hotel, complete with swimming pool, all-night buffets, and some awesome DJ parties.

An actual photo taken from the Insider's hotel room of last year's Depressurization pool party, before all the dirty burners turned the pool into hippie soup.

When: Mon - Wed; Sept. 2 - 4
Where: Grand Sierra Resort - Reno
Tickets: Check out the Facebook site HERE.   

Treasure Island Music Festival

Want to get away, but not so much in a tent? San Francisco will be hosting Treasure Island 2013, a two-day (non-camping) electronic/indie festival. I am personally more into camping festivals, but there will be a lot of great DJs and some next level people watching.

When: October 19-20
Where: San Francisco
Tickets: $150. Order here. 
Check out their website HERE.

Outside Lands - Sold Out : (

If you were smart enough to get tickets to this one, we envy you. This San Franciscan music festival has a serious line-up that’s all over the spectrum. From Paul McCartney and Pretty Lights to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Jurassic 5, Outside Lands attendees will be surrounded by excellence (and about a billion joe-schmoes).  

When: August 9-11
Where: San Francisco - Golden Gate Park
Tickets: Sold Out; check StubHub

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