The Inside Scoop: A Big Beer Expansion

January 10, 2013

The Inside Scoop: A Big Beer Expansion

Fifty Fifty Brewing Company’s Plans for Growth

Who doesn’t love beer? Wait, don’t answer that, I don’t want to know. Let me rephrase it, who doesn’t love Fifty Fifty beer? My personal favorite is the Rockslide IPA, although more than two pints, and I won’t remember the evening. But I digress.

I sat down yesterday with Alicia Barr, co-owner of Fifty Fifty Brewing Company, over a pint of Rockslide to discuss her thoughts on becoming Truckee’s newest councilwoman (more on that later), and talk turned to the big things planned for Fifty Fifty.

Maybe you’ve heard the rumors or seen the big sign as you enter the parking lot at the Rock, but it’s true, Fifty Fifty is planning to break ground on a new three-story, 21,000 square foot building this May. The new building will be just across the parking lot from their existing location, next to the Ponderosa Golf Course. Its primary purpose is to serve as a larger brewery and production center (the existing restaurant and brewery will stay as it is, with the current facility becoming more of a boutique brewing space for smaller and more specialized brews).

The brewery plans to greatly expand its production abilities so that it can initially produce and distribute a draught pale ale around Truckee and the North Shore and eventually move to canning the beer for retail sale. And we’re not just talking a small increase in production. Take this fact for example. In 2012, the brewery produced 900 barrels of beer, up from 450 barrels in 2011. When the new facility opens, Fifty anticipates producing 10,000 barrels per year, with the ability to produce up to 30,000 in one year and the capacity to greatly expand their barrel-aged offerings. That’s a lot of fantastic local beer.

But even more exciting than our ability to access plentiful delicious beer is the owners’ plan for the third-story roof deck of the new facility, which they envision as a “community park with beer.” Sounds good to me. The current plans for the roof deck call for two-thirds to be an open-air gathering place, with one-third serving as a “hospitality suite,” all with great views overlooking the neighboring golf course.

When the roof deck is not being used to host Fifty Fifty events (think bands and movie nights) or rented out as a special events location, it will be open to the general public as a place to come hang out, log on to the free wifi, and bring sack lunches or take out from neighboring restaurants. The brewery may offer a limited menu to those who don’t bring their own food in and will definitely offer their beers for sale. As Alicia says, “We just really like the idea of people having a place to just come hang out on their break where they can enjoy the outdoors, maybe grab a beer, whatever.”

I’m personally very excited to see what comes of all this. So excited in fact, I think I might just go order another Rockslide, or two. Stay tuned…