July 31, 2014

by Stacey A.

Before Truckee Thursdays, Truckee born and raised Joey Brennan, founder of Old Forty Skate Apparel Co., was mostly selling his pieces to friends and family. His skate-themed apparel ranges from $15 to $40 and is making a name for itself at the event both because of its affordability and its sleek design. 

"Not everyone has money for a $70 hoodie. I'd rather sell to kids who are actually into it, not just who can afford it." 

Grennan with friend and apparel photographer Ikaika

Grennan became interested in both building skateboards and silk screening while in college in Santa Barbara in 2011. He lived close to campus and rode his skateboard to class every day. By the end of his first year, he built a press to make his own skateboards out of wood from Truckee. He studied art, mostly with pieces on paper, but was always more interested in clothing design. He moved back to Truckee with a plan to pursue this interest, and the idea of Old Forty was born. 
Grennan immediately got hired at W
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July 30, 2014
by Stacey A. 
This weekend Guitarfish, an intimate 3-day family, arts, and music festival, returns to the Tahoe area for its 4th year to raise awareness of overfishing practices and water pollution.
Mark Peschoff, the head of sales and marketing, describes the festival as "an incredibly fresh mix of up-and-coming vibrant, happy music."
Peschoff promises a variety of music. Headliners include Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers, Wheeland Brothers, Mother Hips, and Con Brio. Peschoff brought the Wheelan Brothers back for a second year based on their popularity at last year's event and because he thought their Orange County beach vibe brought something special to Guitarfish.
A long time festival goer himself, Peschoff thinks it's important to go to a festival not only to see your favorite artists but also to discover new music and expand your playlist. This is the case with Con Brio, a band with an eclectic lead singer that many people haven'
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July 24, 2014

by Stacey A. 

Twenty-four-year-old Lindsey Telling, owner and designer at Earthly Treasures, is passionate about jewelry making. Not only is this her first year at Truckee Thursdays, it's also her first craft show ever. For someone who just started selling jewelry two years ago, her business is already gaining momentum. 

There's an abundance of handmade jewelry at Truckee Thursdays, but Lindsey's products have a very distinctive look to them. Her pieces embody that "earthy" feel, using materials like arrowheads, turquoise, jade, leather, and gathering her inspiration from nature, Native American traditions, and Buddhist roots. 

Colorado born and raised, Lindsey feels very comfortable in the mountains. She moved to Lake Tahoe six years ago for college and graduated from Sierra Nevada College in 2012 with a business degree. She says her education helps her manage her own accounting and marketing. 

Even though she learned how to make jewelry in a high school class, she's been experimenting with it since she was thirteen years old. She remembers taking her mother's old jewelry apart

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July 23, 2014

by Stacey A.

This Thursday two big names in Tahoe's electronic music community come together for Bounce the Boat, a collaborative effort between Steve Emmerich of Fresh Bakin' and The Bounce and "Captain Zach" Garrison of Rock the Boat.

Rock the Boat promises to bring "the fun and excitement of a rock concert, the energy and sound of a club, and the once in a lifetime experience of cruising on a massive yacht" to an unforgettable night aboard the MS Dixie II. "The pristine beauty of being on the open water with 500 of your best friends, the cool night air blowing on your face, and star gazing on the open deck are all part of the experience." 

Garrison is the mastermind behind the boat parties. Originally from St. Louis, Garrison now lives in Incline Village, where he is a local boat captain who teaches wakesurfing lessons and takes families on sightseeing tours of Lake Tahoe. 

Garrison knows how special it is to be on the water, and he saw the potential for after hours use of the MS Dixie II when he started Rock the Boat in July 2013. He has thrown three successful parties in Lake Tahoe,

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July 17, 2014

by Stacey A.

There's a new trend in the creative community called upcycling, and it's making an appearance at Truckee Thursday. Started by Amy and Craig Davies, Rescued Wine features repurposed glass products made from recycled wine bottles. Having been in the candle making business for 20 years with Tahoe Candle, Davies started this new business venture after feeling the need to do something different after the birth of his daughter. 

Upcycling involves taking waste materials and turning them into useful, environmentally friendly products. Each week, Rescued Wine visits businesses in the Reno-Tahoe area like Squeeze In, Atlantis, and Silver Legacy to collect their empty wine bottles. They sort, clean, and cut the bottles that would otherwise go to landfill and repurpose the glass into a variety of home products like candles, drinking glasses, soap dishes, and jewelry. 

Rescued Wine specializes in scented candles, which come in nine different wine-inspired fragrances, from Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, and cost $28. Amy was inspired by her love of wine a few years ago and combined it with Craig's love of candles; the company has been thriving for the past 2 1/2 years both in Truckee and nationwide. Rescued Wine is currently offered

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