August 21, 2014

by Stacey A.

The Peaks & Paws Festival, a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe (HSTT), returns to Squaw Valley this Saturday for its fifth year. The $5 event takes place all day in The Village and features local bluegrass bands and a variety of family and dog-friendly activites. 

A happy dog at Peaks & Paws 2013, photo courtesy of Squaw Valley

Peaks & Paws is one of HSTT's biggest fundraisers of the year, along with the Brews, Jazz & Funk Fest, which took place two weeks ago at Squaw and was partially rained out. Last year's Peaks & Paws fell short due to wildfires and poor air quality advisories, but with temps in the high 70's and sunshine forecasted, this year's event is on track to make up for the weather-related shortcomings of past. 

Dog-friendly events run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and include a Squaw to Alpine 10k, a guided Granite Chief hike, an acrobatic and frisbee music and comedy show from 

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August 14, 2014

by Stacey A. 

Tough Mudder, a ten to twelve mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces, returns to Lake Tahoe for its fifth area event with heats both Saturday and Sunday at Northstar CaliforniaWhen it started at Bear Creek Ski Resort in 2010, only 500 participants were initially expected to attend; 4,500 showed up. Now in its fourth year, Tough Mudder is hosting more than sixty events worldwide, with 20,000 people expected to attend at Northstar alone. 

Courtesy of Northstar California Resort

Tough Mudder was created to test mental and physical grit, but the focus is on teamwork. The course isn't designed as a race. Tough Mudder Media Director Rebecca Friedman explains that the event is about pushing yourself to the limits and helping others to do the same. 

"Since they're not races, Tough Mudder events have a different appeal to them. Running

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August 13, 2014
by Stacey A.
Truckee local and owner of Nayture's Empire, Naomi Medlin, started making leather utility belts after being inspired at Burning Man in 2010. Nicknamed "Nay-Nay" by her close friends, the name Nayture soon followed. By 2011, Nayture's Empire was well-received at eight festivals around the country. Medlin specializes in utility belts but also makes leather products such as hair clips, headbands, drink holders, bracelets, rings, and earrings ranging from $15-$35. 

Medlin and crew at Truckee Thursdays

Her utility belts have been tested against the harsh elements of Burning Man for the past three years. "I have customers tell me how being able to carry all the essentials in their Nayture's Empire belt changed their experience at Burning Man."

Medlin stands behind the quality of her leather, saying it only gets softer and molds more to the body over time. With basic belts starting at $80 and going up to $225 for custom

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August 7, 2014

by Stacey A. 

At Truckee Thursdays, figuring out Stasher clothing company is usually a two-step process. Step one involves walking by and noticing either the neon colors or the unique patterns that range from Hawaiian and Aztec prints to fishing or animal themes. Step two involves actually getting it. 

"Some people get it right when they see it, but you have to show most people," co-owner Elijah Carmichael explains as he points out the pocket on each item, saying the reactions are the best part. 

Stasher's signature double pocket

Stasher specializes in hats but also makes a variety of other apparel, each item with the signature double pocket "stash" for credit card, car key, cash, and ID - basically all your essentials in one spot. 

The company was founded last fall by Carmichael and his girlfriend, Heather Urman, but its roots go back further. Carmichael tells the story of randomly buying a dozen trucker hats from a print shop in Truckee ten years ago. They told him to come back when he had something to put on them, and for ten years he "rocked a blank hat." 

Urman said the couple was sitting on the couch last fall when the "aha" moment finally

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August 5, 2014

by Stacey A.

This Saturday is the largest full moon of the year, and Squaw Valley is hosting one of its largest parties in celebration. Squaw's marketing manager, Sean Kristo, promises more of everything, from art to lazers to DJs, for the 3rd annual Full Moon Party.

"You can see DJs all around the North Shore, but what we want to do here is new and creative stuff," Kristo explains. 

Kristo partnered up with Big Tree Productions and Silent Frisco for this year's party. Big Tree recently hosted the Guitarfish Festival in Cisco Grove and helps with both pool and après parties at the resort, connecting Squaw with some of the biggest names in the electronic community. This year features fire and 3-D visual art, a silent roller disco, and lazers firing up into the Palisades and Emigrant bowls visible from High Camp.

The lineup includes DJ's U9 Lift, Shouts, Ozgood, Zebuel, Coop Da Loop, and Chango, many of whom aren't strangers to Squaw Valley or full moon parties.

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