Cookin' Up Some House Beats

January 15, 2013

Cookin' Up Some House Beats

A wise friend once said: Don’t tell people “I don’t like house music.” Instead, say “I prefer breakbeat.” And it’s true. While I can certainly appreciate house, I have yet to form any sort of real relationship with it. (Although, I have plenty of friends who love the stuff, and they seem to be in the majority around here.) We are also blessed with a bunch of very talented house DJs who live and perform in Tahoe. So, while I don’t necessarily get their music, I do love them and highly recommend checking out their shows.

With that disclaimer, I give you Fresh Bakin’s Winter House Series. Fresh Bakin’ always does a kick ass job, and while I won’t be there, I’m sure these shows are going to be great.  

The series kicks off this Saturday at Lakeside in Tahoe City with Mark Farina (he’s kind of a big deal) and local Tahoe DJs Grant Kaye and Chango. Future shows in the series feature Truckee local Justin Levi and Reno DJs The Rhino, Miss Cooper, and Coop da Loop.

Have fun, kids. I’ll be getting my dance on this weekend at a private party featuring one of my favorite local DJs, Mr. Rooney. And for those of you of the same musical persuasion as me, Fresh Bakin’s bringing some sweet non-house shows to Tahoe soon, including VibeSquad this Saturday at Whiskey Dick’s in South Lake and lowRIDERZ and Minnesota in February.

There’s more info on Fresh Bakin’s site here.