The Brown Pow Report

January 28, 2014

The Brown Pow Report

Looking to get one last ride in before the snows come? You've got about 24 hours. Here is the report from the front lines.

Brian riding JP Trail last week.

JP Trail - The lower section, up to the fire road, is open and riding well, almost dusty.  Upper section to Three Kings has snow on it.

Negro Canyon is clear, with good conditions, all the way up to the Ridge.

Lloyd’s and Animal are fairly clear, although both have some ice patches.

Please be responsible and take care not to tear up the trails this time of year. Riding late in the day after the ground freezes protects the trails and makes for more consistently predictable ice. But hopefully, by this time Thursday, all those trails will be covered with a foot of snow.

Of course, snow in Truckee means rain in the foothills and that means great riding in Auburn, Nevada City, and Downieville. Auburn is packed, but the trails are in good shape, and the South Yuba is full of ticks and poison oak, as usual.

Tip: The new Scotts Flat trail near the Harmony Ridge Market on Hwy 20 is super fun and flowy. 

Clayton and Greg clearing Lloyd's last week.

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