Best of Tahoe Chefs Glams it Up with "Hollywood Nights" Theme

February 13, 2013

Best of Tahoe Chefs Glams it Up with "Hollywood Nights" Theme

The good news: Black Tie & Tails is sold out! The bad news: Black Tie & Tails is sold out. Hope you got your tickets early…it’s going to be awesome. But if you did miss out, don’t fear. Next up on the list of events at which to be and be seen is Best of Tahoe Chefs!

In its 14th year, Best of Tahoe Chefs returns to the Ritz Carlton on May 19th. This year’s theme is Hollywood Nights, and I love the website’s description: Tonight's the night to be who you are...OR dress as your favorite Hollywood star! I’m already having  starlet fantasies of silk and jewels.

The twist that sets Best of Tahoe Chefs apart from other local gala fundraisers is the impressive list of guest chefs who come together to create amazing dishes throughout the evening and then let themselves be auctioned off to the highest bidder. 

Want to surprise your parents with an anniversary dinner prepared by Billy McCullough at the family cabin? Or perhaps a private seven-course meal with wine pairings by John Weatherson of Restaurant Trokay is more up your ally. Doesn’t it sounds fabulous? Too rich for my blood, I will be out bidding on the $50 gift baskets in the silent auction. But do let me know how your private meal with Douglas Dale goes. I’m ever so jealous.

Even if you aren’t a foodie who gets excited by innovative dishes and the chance to rub shoulders with local celebrity chefs, BOTC is an opportunity to mingle with all the fashionable and well-heeled socialites in town.

Or maybe hobnobbing isn’t your thing either. At the very least, take heart in knowing that all that money you’re spending is going to support worthwhile programs at the Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center – cool things like wigs, gas cards, and healing arts programs for cancer patients. And, hey, if the $175 ticket price is too hefty, you can sign up to volunteer at the event.

So if, like me, you are having Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn dreams, check out the website for all the details. Don’t wait to get your tickets…it will sell out quickly!